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Suszone Pomidory in Wilda

Suszone Pomidory (lit. sundried tomatoes) is a petite, cozy and bustling Italian-style restaurant in Poznań’s district of Wilda. It is definitely worth a visit, and its growing popularity and tiny size mean you cannot go wrong with booking a table in advance.


There is a growing number of restaurants popping up in Poznań in the recent years. A few new spots open nearly on a monthly basis. Better yet - most of them turn out to be very pleasant surprises. Obviously, they are not all able to survive the clash with their competition, as well as with the patrons’ growing expectations.


Suszone Pomidory has been one of these pleasant surprises ever since their opening. It has stood the test of time and become one of the hip restaurants in which it is nearly impossible to get a table without a reservation. Inside of the restaurant, there is always a nice buzz. The laid back atmosphere and smiling staff invite the patrons to unwind over tasty, simple Italian dishes. The bustle, as though taken directly out of a Fellini movie, makes you smile and creates a great ambiance.



On the menu there are bruschettas, soups, pizzas and pastas, and the dessert menu, next to the traditional Italian tiramisu and panna cotta, also has a selection of homemade cakes and pies. The dishes have a fresh and colorful look and taste divine. It is such a pleasure to be able to enjoy fresh seafood with a decent glass of white, and later succumb to the temptation of the marzipan-poppyseed cheesecake. A visit in Suszone Pomidory is true bliss. While planning a journey to discover the “new face” of Wilda, be sure to schedule some time to pop in Poznań’s little corner of Italy!


Buon appetito!



Suszone Pomidory
Św. Czesława 13, 61-575 Poznań
www.suszonepomidory.com | tel. +48 530 838 100







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