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Oriental cuisine dishes are enjoyed in Poland more and more. Pointing out places where one can have Chinese, Japanese, Indian or Thai poses no real problem, as they are quite popular. After years of the dominance of warm dishes, gourmands of the Orient have also discovered sushi. It is mostly due to the availability of fresh and excellent quality ingredients, widely known among food enthusiasts and restaurateurs. Sushi has become a separate culinary category, a fashionable trend and a nice way of passing time.

Violet Sushi & Yakitori

Św. Marcin 5, Poznań

www.violetsushi.pl | tel.: +48 61 852 67 23


Violet Sushi is a place associated with youth, informal atmosphere and a lunch in the form of a quick “roll”. It is also an excellent place to start your sushi adventure. Here, you will receive all necessary explanations and tips which will allow you to immerse yourself in the exotic topic of sushi. Violet encourages you to experiment with sushi also through interesting special price offers.


Goko Restauracja Japońska

Ratajczaka 18 (Pasaż Apollo), Poznań

www.restauracjajaponskagoko.pl | tel.: +48 61 639 06 39


It is difficult to imagine a Poznań sushi enthusiast who has not heard of Goko. This Japanese restaurant is very careful to be present on the culinary airwaves and gladly states its readiness to fight over the title of the best sushi in Poznań. If you have not yet chosen your favorite sushi place, Goko is a strong contestant.


Kyokai Sushi Bar


Wojskowa 4, Poznań

www.kyokai.pl | tel.: +48 519 376 182

Kyokai Sushi Bar is a name often mentioned by Poznań residents in their word of mouth recommendations. The restaurant is  located in the City Park apartment complex - the basin of culinary quality. Apart from sushi, the menu also offers warm dishes. Another thing worth mentioning is a large parking facility nearby.


Other interesting places can be found at www.sushi.poznan.travel:

  • Art Sushi Poznań (Stary Browar) - Półwiejska 42, Poznań

  • Hanami Sushi - Al. Marcinkowskiego 16, Poznań

  • Kuro by Panamo - Wodna 8/9, Poznań

  • Matii Sushi - Andersa 5, Poznań

  • Sakana - Za Bramką 12a, Poznań

  • Yetztu - Krysiewicza 6, Poznań

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