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The lifestyle and work pace are ever-changing, and one of the reasons why we choose to eat out more and more, also at the start of the day. For some it is a professional necessity, for others - an way of spending a lazy morning. Both seek tasty, fresh breakfasts, available at early hours of the day. Poznań’s breakfast spots are scattered all over the city, which is often the reason for choosing your favorite one - is convenience not important, on our way to work or school? If you are still on the lookout for your favorite brekkie spot, we are happy to share our faves with you. Here, they are listed in the order of earliest opening hours on workdays.


Lala Breakfast Lunch Wine

Taczaka 22/1, Poznań
www.facebook.com/lalataczaka22 | tel.: +48 787 714 964


Do you like fiery ants, poisonous snakes and spiders? They did not like them too much, so they decided to change Melbourne to Poznań. We invite you to Agnieszka and Gareth, who came up with a crazy idea to leave sunny Australia and move to Taczaka Street in Poznań. They serve breakfast and lunch here, and in an interesting menu you will find several items from the land of kangaroos. Be sure to try the hot sandwiches and marinated chicken legs. If you want to know what else is worth chugging in and why the place is called 'Lala" then boldly ask about Agnieszka, who gives her guests as much time and attention as Gareth  to his sandwiches with beef and egg soufflés. 


LALA Breakfast Lunch Wine


Ptasie Radio

Kościuszki 74, Poznań

www.ptasieradio.pl | phone no.: +48 61 853 64 51

Mon-Fri: 8am - midnight | Sat - Sun: 10am - midnight


Ptasie Radio’s famous breakfasts are served all day long. Tasty, diverse breakfasts sets are available for as little as €5, and in the early mornings hours they come with a free coffee, tea or juice. You can enjoy eggs in many variations, sweet and savory toast and fruit salad. The locale itself consists of three rooms in a vintage townhouse, with each room decorated slightly differently, and its interior design theme in keeping with the name of the place - Ptasie Radio is loosely translated as “bird radio” and comes from the title of a popular children’s poem by Julian Tuwim.


Republika Róż

plac Kolegiacki 2a, Poznań

www.republikaroz.pl | phone no.: +48 61 852 20 31

Mon-Fri.: 8am - midnight | Sat: 9:00 - midnight | Sun: 11am - 10pm


Republika Róż (EN Republic of Roses) offers excellent breakfast menus available for as little as 20 PLN (around €5), with the drinks included. On the fixed menu there are also delicious desserts and a number of lunch menu items. The interior design of this lovely cozy spot, located a mere few steps from the heart of the Old Market Square, will be exceptionally pleasing to the ladies, with its flowery details and intimate lighting. Breakfasts can be enjoyed indoors or outside, admiring the surrounding stunning architecture of the nearby historic City Hall buildings.


Concordia Taste

Zwierzyniecka 3, Poznań

www.concordiadesign.pl/oferta/taste | phone no.: +48 61 667 44 19

Mon-Fri: 8:30am - 1pm | Sat-Sun: 9:30am - 1pm


Breakfast enjoyed in the bright and spacious Concordia Taste is an early morning energy shot. This is one of Poznań’s most interesting breakfast menus, served till 1pm. The inside of Concordia has a stunning, ever-changing design, in keeping with its spirit of creativity. Those always busy can easily combine their tasty breakfast with working with their laptop. A parking space is another great convenience.


Check out other breakfast spots at:


  • 1901 Cafe and Luch - ul. Bukowska 15 lok.1, Poznań
  • 239 - ul. Sczanieckiej 10/2, Poznań
  • Bagels & Friends - ul. Wyspiańskiego 26, Poznań
  • Bistro Szarlotta - ul. Świętosławska 12, Poznań
  • Bo.Poznan - ul. Kościuszki 84, Poznań
  • Brisman Bar Kawowy - ul. Mickiewicza 20, Poznań
  • Cocorico Café & Restaurant - ul. Świętosławska 9, Poznań
  • Concordia Taste - Zwierzyniecka 3/1, Poznań
  • Czarne Mleko - ul. Dąbrowskiego 68, Poznań
  • Drukarnia Skład Wina & Chleba - ul. Podgórna 6, Poznań
  • Jaglana - ul. Kramarska 1/5, Poznań
  • Juice Drinkers - ul. Dąbrowskiego 8, Poznań
  • Kuchnia dla Dragona - ul. Rynkowa 3, Poznań
  • Kombinat - ul. Kościelna 48, Poznań
  • Kuchnia dla Dragona - ul. Zamkowa 3, Poznań
  • Kuchnia Wandy - Święty Marcin 76, Poznań
  • Kwirlejka bistro & cafe - Sikorskiego 6A, Poznań
  • Lars, Lars & Lars - ul. Wojskowa 4, Poznań
  • Lavenda Cafe & Lunch - ul. Wodna 3, Poznań
  • Le Targ - ul. Półwiejska, Poznań (Stary Browar)
  • Manekin - ul. Kwiatowa 3, Poznań
  • Manekin - ul. Mickiewicza 24, Poznań
  • OSKOMA - ul. Mickiewicza 9, 60-833 Poznań
  • Projekt Wilson - ul. Matejki 56, Poznań
  • Ptasie Radio - ul. Kościuszki 74, Poznań
  • Sofa - ul. Powstańców Wielkopolskich 16, Poznań
  • Stragan - Ratajczaka 31, Poznań
  • Republika Róż - pl. Kolegiacki 2a, Poznań
  • Szarlotta Bistro - ul. Świętosławska 12, Poznań (artykuł)
  • The Time (Młyńska 12) - ul. Młyńska 12, Poznań
  • Tinta Bar - Al. Marcinkowskiego 26, Poznań
  • Uno espresso - ul. Prusa 4, Poznań
  • Wspólny stół - ul. Śródka 6, Poznań
  • Yeżyce Kuchnia - ul. Szamarzewskiego 17, Poznań
  • Zagrodnicza Cafe - ul. Królowej Jadwigi 60, Poznań
  • Zakwas - ul. Poznańska 11, Poznań
  • Zwierzyniecka 12 Cafe - ul. Zwierzyniecka 12, Poznań


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