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Słodka & Ostra

The Jeżyce district of Poznań is ever changing. It seems as though a new restaurant pops up there every now and again. This district’s wide range of culinary services is interesting and varied enough to be able to visit Jeżyce blind, and choose the spot once you get there. The newest arrival, Słodka & Ostra (EN Sweet & Spicy), has appeared at the corner of Sienkiewicza and Gajowa, opposite a former tram depot, and serves pasta, quiches and excellent, homemade cakes and pastries.



Our first visit at Słodka & Ostra was a quick lunch - spaghetti Carbonara, a strawberry mousse and an espresso. The pasta itself was a show stopper, served in accordance with the original recipe - with raw egg yolk and no cream. They know pancetta, pecorino and parmesan and, as the saying goes, are not afraid to use them. To cut a long story short - the pastas here are very tasty, and the quality of products used to prepare them is top notch. The other part of the savoury menu are the quiches - which we have yet to try, but if the dreamy looks on the customers faces are to be any indication, we are bound to try, and you should, too.





The restaurant’s other face is the sweet one - all cakes, pies and cookies are homemade, right here on the spot. The multitude of form, size and flavour will please even the most persnickety sweet tooth. Luckily, the selection is far from the usual pastries available at any old bakery or pastry shop. Only time will tell what the local pastry chef is capable of, and your choices of favorites will determine what stays on the sweet menu permanently. We are happy to gain both the experience, and the weight.


Słodka & Ostra also serves breakfasts - nothing revolutionary, but that is good. The breakfast menu does not fit well with excessive experimentation, and so this one consists of scrambled eggs, omelettes, sausages, porridge, hummus and croissants. Accompanied by decent coffee, a day started with a good breakfast is one bodes well. The breakfast menu is available from 9am.




The restaurant’s decor, as seen in the photos, makes it an informal, local lunch place - ideal for a solo meal, a quick working coffee and cake, or the afternoon gossip session with the gal pals. A light dinner is also an option here. Intuition suggests Słodka & Ostra is on its way to become a vital part of a culinary background for an emerging housing estate about to be developed on the grounds of the former tram depot, which will house over 500 new Jeżyce residents. Do make sure to visit Słodka & Ostra before it becomes super crowded.

We wish Słodka & Ostra a happy clientele and a lot of luck. Keeping our fingers crossed that they never have to use cream in their fabulous spaghetti Carbonara!



Słodka & Ostra
Sienkiewicza 20, 60-818 Poznań

tel. 502415918



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