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Restauracja Rynek - Polish homemade regional cuisine

Extra, extra, read all about it - there is an excellent newcomer on the Poznań culinary scene! We are of course talking about Restauracja RYNEK at Sheraton Poznan Hotel. Admittedly, we had not expected anything nearly as tasty and unique from a hotel restaurant! Great idea and execution - bravo! On the menu: homemade pickles, meats from own suppliers and many typically Polish accents, not to mention the fantastic desserts. We were simply blown away by the homemade gołąbki (cabbage leaves stuffed with meat), beef tartare, a plate of cured meats and pickled tomatoes. RYNEK is an emerging new player in the Poznań culinary field - one gourmands cannot afford to miss. Maybe try it this weekend? We wholeheartedly recommend it.






Rynek (Sheraton Poznań Hotel) 

ul. Bukowska 3/9, Poznań
tel.: +48 600 554 319

Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020