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Asparagus Season

Asparagus is one of Poznań’s culinary specialties. Grown and loved in the  entire Wielkopolska region, asparagus can be enjoyed at home as well as on restaurant menus. Delicacies such as asparagus soup or asparagus with butter and breadcrumbs are eaten in many Poznań homes. If you are curious what Poznań’s finest chefs’ take on this traditional vegetable is - keep reading.

Asparagus is one of the few culinary indulgences which may be enjoyed with a clear conscience. This low-cal veggie has cleansing, invigorating and anti-cancer properties. These very unique merits of asparagus, alongside their remarkable taste, have an strong impact on its ever-growing popularity.


Most asparagus eaten in the world is the green variety. It is less stringy than the white, and hence easier to process.


In many Poznań restaurants a special asparagus menu is available. As part of “Asparagus Season” ("Sezon na Szparagi") campaign, under the patronage of "Kulinarny Poznań", chefs offer asparagus-based dishes in the following price brackets:

  • soup: 10-15PLN;

  • appetizer: 15-20 PLN;

  • main course: 25-40PLN.


Here are some sample asparagus-based dishes, available during the event:




Boiled asparagus, crunchy toast, brown butter, dill - 15PLN


Creamy white asparagus soup with dill and chorizo - 15PLN


CZTERY PORY ROKU - Vivaldi Hotel restaurant
Salmon-wrapped green asparagus with lemon dressing - 20PLN


Traditional asparagus with breadcrumbs and poached egg - 18PLN


White and green asparagus, vanilla ice-cream, honey, pistachios - 15PLN


A complete list of restaurants participating in the campaign as well as their asparagus-based menus are available at www.kulinarnypoznan.pl. The menus are available from May 7th- May 31st.


The arrival of asparagus season in Poznań’s small markets and stalls is accompanied by the traditional Asparagus Conference (Konferencja Szparagowa), organized yearly in Hotel Rzymski. This marks the unofficial start of the asparagus season in Poznań. The asparagus conference and a tasting of asparagus-based dishes has been organized for 16 years.


Green asparagus can be stored up to 28 days, its white variety - even up to 40 days. Of course, this requires specific temperature conditions and humidity, or so-called intelligent packaging.


Asparagus is undoubtedly a local delicacy and a tradition worth maintaining. How can we keep this lovely, tasty tradition alive? Just enjoy asparagus in the peak of its seasonal availability. Let us eat, and eat, and eat some more - asparagus is a healthy, low-cal way to keep your body slim and fit, and your spirits high.

Do visit restaurants in asparagus season, and don’t forget to experiment in your own kitchens with this tender and exquisite vegetable.





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