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Regional BulwaR

BulwaR is a debut on the one hand, and years of experience on the other. Le Palais du Jardin, known for its impeccable quality, has now changed its image to Polish regional cuisine, and the choice was very much on the mark. Located in Stary Rynek, the restaurant turned out to be the answer to regional appetites of tourists who have been flocking to BulwaR since its debut days. The regulars have also appreciated the change, discovering BulwaR’s interesting take on traditional Polish flavours.


The history of changes in the former Le Palais du Jardin is not a complex one at all. The growing popularity of regional cuisine and the growing number of tourists have pointed to the former in a top quality format as the direction that tourists were expecting, and one which the owners of the restaurant were thinking of choosing for a while now. Multiple years of experience in French cuisine gave a solid background for making BulwaR’s more local offer not only tasty but also ambitious. Did it work? You be the judge.


Check out BulwaR’s menu HERE  



On the menu there are regional cuisine dishes as well as ones inspired by Polish and Wielkopolska home cooking. The homeliness of it all applies more to the recipes and refined flavours than to the way of serving. Next to the classics like czernina (blood soup), sorrel soup or the excellent duck, there are also designer dishes such as kohlrabi dumplings with fried cheese stuffing. A welcome starter for all is gzik (a cottage cheese with cream, chives and radish) and freshly baked bread. If you happen to not be from Wielkopolska, and you have never heard for gzik - here is your chance to try and catch up. BulwaR has reserved a little spot on the menu for European cuisine, which will allow your companions, if they are less inclined to try the regional dishes, to choose a well known and popular classic.



Do remember that BulwaR has two floors and be sure to ask about the cellar, where you can find over one hundred wine labels. It is a special place - firstly because it has been preserved nearly in its original state, and secondly, because all elements of the stunning interiors have been designed specifically to keep the original structure of the cellars intact.


Make sure to visit BulwaR and discover its unorthodox culinary creations which add to the gastronomical attractiveness of Poznań’s Old Market Square.


And, as we say in Polish - smacznego!


Stary Rynek 37, 61-772 Poznań

www.bulwarrestauracja.pl   |   www.facebook.com/bulwaRrestauracja   |   tel. +48 533 181 171

Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020