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Pulled pork - for those hungry like wolf

Pulled pork has gained popularity all over the globe, especially in the UK and the US. Like many other foreign delicacies before it, this dish has also found its way into Poznań, and the first gasps of delight for this delicate meat could be heard resonating throughout the food truck festival. It is then that “Wyczesane porki” (pulled pork) by the crew from “Kriek” the Belgian pub has made its first appearance. Have you tried the most popular pork in town?

"Wyczesane porki" are available in ten different variations


Pork shoulder and neck are traditionally used to make pulled pork, and roasted for many hours at a low temperature - a process which makes it exceptionally delicate in texture and flavour. The meat fibers crumbling under the touch are very easy to separate and pull apart - hence the name. The seasoning before and after pulling, as well as the sauces and sides, all depend on the creativity of the chef who prepares the meat. Kriek (Wyczesane Porki) serve theirs with excellent Belgian fries, and chef Dominik Brodziak from HP Park hotel restaurant serves his with coleslaw or red onion chutney.


Kriek (Wyczesane Porki) is not only good food and excellent beer - it is also its owner’s unique personality


Pulled pork is a real treat for meat lovers. A rich flavour, a delicate structure and the freedom of choosing from a wide myriad of sides is bound to warm any gourmand’s heart. It is an interesting new culinary phenomenon in Poznań. We ourselves are curious to see whether or not it will become as popular in its many varieties as the burger which, after years of oblivion, has taken the streets by storm in a truly exceptional, high-quality form. Do try the new “it” dish and let us know what other places we should visit next.


Pulled pork from HP Park hotel restaurant by Lake Malta (chef Dominik Brodziak)


While the pulled pork craze is taking over Poznań, it is worth remembering that the Belgian Pub “Kriek”, now known as “Wyczesane porki”, has been its forerunner and ambassador.


Bon appetit!



Wyczesane Porki / Kriek Belgian Pub & Cafe
ul. Wodna 23, Poznań

www.facebook.com/kriek.poznan | tel. +48 508 267 570


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