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Culinary trail of Poznań pyra (potato)

Pyry is an inseparable element of the menu for the inhabitants of Poznań. They are also an element of culinary tradition and identity. Poznanians are even called "pyri". Szagówki, plyndze and pyra z gzikiem are regular items on the home menu of Wielkopolska residents. The passion for tradition and the magic of the potato have inspired many famous and popular chefs to experiment with pyra. It turns out that both very traditional recipes and unconventional culinary combinations are appreciated by guests who eagerly order potato dishes in all possible variants. We invite you to the Poznań Pyra Trail, where you will find real culinary treasures.


🥔 Muzeum Pyry – it is worth starting culinary explorations from a place that will provide an appropriate dose of theoretical and practical knowledge. After it is absorbed, it will be time for starch;

🥔 Chef's Table by Ernest Jagodzinski -  workshops for groups dedicated to the selection of varieties and the use of potatoes in the kitchen;


🥔 62 Bar & Restaurant - "szagówki" with smoked cottage cheese and Greater Poland cheese sauce, Greater Poland soup with potato croquette and potato pancake with smoked trout;

🥔 A nóż Widelec - corn chicken with potato dumplings and Lomnicky cheese;

🥔 Bamberka - "gray dumplings" with cabbage, potato with "gzik" and "szagówki" dumplings with pulled goose;

🥔 Brovaria - pork loin on the bone served with potato with "gzik";

🥔 Chef's Table by Ernest Jagodzinski - potato with "gzik" with mahogany oil;

🥔 Concordia Taste - pike perch with potato cake;

🥔 Figa - 

🥔 Gusto (Hotel Ilonn) - pierogi z twarogiem i ziemniakami, kopytka z polikiem wołowym, ośmiornica z ziemniakami i mango;

🥔 Hyćka - śledź w śmietanie z ziemniakami, pyry z gzikiem;

 🥔 L33 - bonfire potato with "gzik";

🥔 Moderno - potato with "gzik" with bacon

🥔 Pyra Bar - babka ziemniaczana z warzywami, "placusie" i "pyrażusie" czyli słodkie placki ziemniaczane dla dzieci;

🥔 Sarbinowska - domowe "pierogi" pierogi z ziemniakami i serem oraz ziemniak z "gzik".


Bon Appetit!


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