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Poznań - Tastes of Polish Tourist Brands

While traveling, we look for dishes that refer to local traditions. We want to feel the atmosphere of the place through a meal that is part of history, culture and custom. Restaurants in Poznań eagerly reach for local inspiration. Some people take them very literally, others see them only as a clue. Thanks to different approaches, we can experience regionalisms in many ways. Each of you will choose something suited to the occasion and your preferences.



Regional cuisine offers a wide field for interpretation. For some it is a mission, for others it is only inspiration or even fun. We are curious to reach places that carefully nurture culinary traditions and those that freely refer to it. Luckily for Poznań, there are enough ideas for presenting its culinary heritage for everyone to find something for themselves.


What is the culinary association of Poznań? Mainly with St. Martin's croissant, pyra and duck, although there are, of course, more regional products and dishes. We urge you to first look at pyromas, because that's what we will say about potatoes in Poznań. Pyry in Poznań and its vicinity are popular, liked and served in many ways. Inhabitants do not protest when they are called pyrami. Pyrlandia is a popular Polish term for Wielkopolska. Pyry can be found everywhere. In homes and restaurants, in starters, main courses and even in desserts!


Potatoes came to Poland as a botanical curiosity during the reign of Jan III Sobieski. In the second half of the 18th century, thanks to settlers from Germany, they were brought into cultivation, although they still did not arouse the trust and enthusiasm of Poles, who treated them rather as food for animals. Only in the 19th century did potatoes become a widely cultivated and consumed product. In 1810, per capita of Wielkopolska, they amounted to about 34 kg, and in 1878 as much as 1290 kg. An interesting fact is that potatoes, today associated with lunch, were eaten at any time of the day, also for breakfast. Potato pancakes and potato additions to dairy soups were very common.


To taste the Poznań pyra, ask about such dishes as: pyra z gzikiem, gray dumplings, szagówki, plyndze (potato pancakes) and bambrzok (dry or sweet potato pancake). In addition to the pyra, pay attention to the duck, goose (in the fall season), venison and the well-known, wonderfully sweet, heavy and rich St. Martin's croissants.


Bon Appetit!




  • 3 Kolory Malta - Wiankowa 3, 61-131 Poznań,

  • 62 bar & restaurant - ul. Świętego Michała 62, Poznań,

  • A nóż widelec - ul. Czechosłowacka 133, 61-425 Poznań,

  • Brovaria - Stary Rynek 73-74, 61-772 Poznań,

  • Bulwar - Stary Rynek 37, 61-772 Poznań,

  • Concordia Taste - ul. Zwierzyniecka 3/1, 60-813 Poznań,

  • FIGA - Grunwaldzka 512, 62-064 Plewiska,

  • Gusto Food&Wine - ul. Szarych Szeregów 16, 60-462 Poznań,

  • Hacjenda - Morasko 38, 61-680 Poznań,

  • Hyćka - Rynek Śródecki 17, 61-126 Poznań,

  • L33 Bistro & Bar - ul. Karola Libelta 33, 61-707 Poznań,

  • Modra Kuchnia - ul. Mickiewicza 18/2, Poznań,

  • Pyrabar - ul. Strzelecka 13, 61-845 Poznań,

  • Ratuszova - Stary Rynek 55, 61-772 Poznań,

  • Rynek (Sheraton) - ul. Bukowska 3/9, Poznań.




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