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OSKOMA - full steam ahead with chef Adam Adamczak

OSKOMA is a new culinary spot in Poznań’s Jeżyce district (Mickiewicza street). Chef Adam Adamczak has overseen this project from its very inception, and on November 15th he greeted the first patrons at OSKOMA’s door. A designer menu, a very young team and an award-winning chef all on one side - on the other, the kind words of the first visitors, but also high expectations towards the chef who has proven many times before that his cuisine is the Champions’ League of gastronomy. Today, OSKOMA is flexing its muscles - and the months to follow will show whether or not it maintains its high standards.


Boletus mushroom cream soup


Polish tradition, quality produce and the creative freedom - this is chef Adam Adamczak’s menu in a nutshell. “I want the food to be simple and tasty, although I do care about the presentation very much, too”, Adamczak says. “I base my dishes on Polish produce and recipes, but I don’t shy away from other inspirations. Many spices and additions from the most remote corners of the world find their way into my dishes. It is a form of a game I like to invite our guests to play”, the chef adds.



The sample autumn menu available on opening day (15.11.2015):


  • Venison steak tartare served with a brioche

  • Fried duck breast with a dried-fruit stuffed dumpling, pumpkin mousse, duck leg confit and smoked apricot sauce

  • Veal, pumpkin and oyster mushroom stuffed ravioli with foie gras and black truffle sauce

  • Cheesecake with ricotta-type cheese, tonka, beetroot ice cream and strawberry flavoured cotton candy

For the full menu, see OSKOMA - full autumn menu 2015


OSKOMA consists of three connected rooms in a historic corner building. It can fit up to 60 people.


Great sturgeon on swede mousse with Romanesco broccoli, pearl barley and champagne based sauce


Adam Adamczak is a finalist of the fourth edition of the Polish “TOP Chef” and the winner of many awards and prizes, including the Gault & Millau Discovery of the Year Award. The restaurant he was involved with has found its way onto the pages of the yellow guide, and one can only expect OSKOMA to also attract the attention of many food critics and reviewers.


The name of the guide comes from the names of its creators, two culinary critics. They were Henri Gault (1929-2000) and Christian Millau (1965-). This difficult French name should be pronounced as: [go e mijo].


OSKOMA is an example of a well worked out culinary concept, which the chef had been involved in from the very beginning. An interesting interior, a good menu and skilled staff were all presented to the patrons on the restaurant’s opening day. Hopefully, they will flock back to OSKOMA - we surely will, giving you the latest news from the restaurant which is clearly on its way to becoming yet another reason to visit Poznań’s Jeżyce district.



Pop on by, bon appetit and do share your experiences with us.


The best duck