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New arrivals to Poznań’s culinary map

Mamasitas, Tavaa, Why Thai and Zwierzyniecka 12 CAFE are all newcomers to Poznań’s culinary scene. Check them all out and judge for yourself.

ul.Taczaka 24, Poznań
www.facebook.com/mamasitasrestauracja | +48 61 225 77 55

Mamasitas is a mixture of the Mexican and North American cuisines. Tasty and interesting food, served in colorful, spacious interiors is quickly gaining a large fanbase. On weekends the delicious meals are often accompanied by live music.



Mamasitas at Taczaka 24


OFF Garbary
ul. Małe Garbary 7, Poznań

 The OFF Garbary project has many layers, and its culinary offer is just one of them. It is a space dedicated to cultural and artistic activities, and it has been intertwined with some of Poznań’s renown culinary projects. Rightfully or not, this spot has earned the nickname “hipstery”, with such gastronomical brands like Food Patrol, Czarny Chleb i Czarna Kawa, or the newbie - Olala Cafe. 


OFF Garbary- at 7 Małe Garbary, Poznań


Tavaa - Indian Restaurant

ul. Ratajczaka 30, Poznan
www.facebook.com/tavaapoznan | tel.: +48 61 22 46 962

In Ratajczaka, right next to the Ministry of Beer (Ministerstwo Browaru), Tavaa Indian restaurant has launched in August 2014. Offering delicious, juicy meats prepared in an original Indian stove and natural, non-alcoholic cocktails, Tavaa’s Indian owners and Indian chefs guarantee genuine taste and authenticity of both food and ambiance.

Why Thai Food and Wine
ul. Kramarska 7, 61-765 Poznań
www.facebook.com/whythaifoodwine | tel.: +48 61 818 29 11
Why Thai is a Thai restaurant, offering their authentic delicacies prepared in an open-plan kitchen by Thai chefs. It is this brands second location, after Warsaw, and in the two storeys of a newly remodelled venue you will find everything you need for both a romantic dinner and a business lunch.
Zwierzyniecka 12 CAFE
ul. Zwierzyniecka 12, Poznań

www.facebook.pl/zwierzyniecka12 | tel.: +48 781 622 417
This new breakfast venue serves warm breakfasts, sweet pastries and of course - an indispensable part of a good  early morning brekkie - the delicious coffee. It is situated in Zwierzyniecka, between the Kaponiera roundabout and Mickiewicza.


Zwierzyniecka 12 CAFE-  at 12 Zwierzyniecka, Poznań




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