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Restaurant Night July 6th-8th, 2018

The “Restaurant Night 2018 - Flavours of Poland” event will take place in Poznań’s six top restaurants, and in six in total in the Wielkopolska region. It is an event aimed at showcasing the power of Polish cuisine, utilising the best regional ingredients, and created by experienced and ambitious chefs. This year’s edition is a nod to the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining independence. 43 restaurants from twelve regions of the country have confirmed their participation. In Poznań, an excellent tasting menu will be available at Autentyk, Avocado, Cucina, Figa, Flavoria and Lumiere. The event continues from Friday, July 6th, to Sunday, July 8th. Prior reservations are required. Be sure to come on down and check it out!

Restauracja Avocado - Poznań

  • Price: 90 PLN / 120 PLN with wine
  • CHEF: Łukasz Wącirz
  • Reservations: +48 61 307 14 45 | kontakt@avocado-poznan.pl
  • menu

Avocado restaurant


Restauracja Cucina 88 - City Park ***** - Poznań

  • Price: 120 PLN
  • CHEF: Dominik Narloch
  • Reservations: +48 602 66 88 00
  • menu

Chef Dominik Narloch during service

Restauracja Lumiere - Baranowo k. Poznania

  • Price: 110 PLN
  • CHEF: Jakub Kasprzak
  • Reservations: +48 697 101 511 | rezerwacja@restauracja-lumiere.pl
  • menu


Lumiere Restaurant, Baranowo near Poznań


Restauracja Figa - Poznań

  • Price: 95 PLN
  • CHEF: Dawid Klimaniec
  • Reservations: +48 61 861 74 75 | info@figarestauracja.pl
  • menu


Chef Dawid Klimaniec - Figa restaurant


Restauracja Autentyk - Poznań

  • Price: 120 PLN
  • CHEF: Ernest Jagodziński
  • Reservations:  +48 666 400 419 |  kontakt@restauracja-autentyk.pl
  • menu


Autentyk restaurant 

Restauracja Flavoria - Poznań

  • Price: 98 PLN
  • CHEF: Artur Szwacki
  • Reservations: +48 61 667 80 00
  • menu

Flavoria restaurant  (IBB Andersia hotel)


and two others restauratns of Wielkopolska:


Ostoja Chobienice - Siedlec

  • Price/CAŁOŚĆ: 120 PLN
  • CHEF: Maciej Barton
  • Reservations: +48 68 353 16 01
  • menu


Restauracja Źrebięciarnia Folwark Wąsowo - Wąsowo

  • Price: 80 PLN
  • CHEF: Piotr Markowski
  • Reservations: +48 515 168 302 | folwark@folwarkwasowo.pl
  • menu



A total of eight restaurants from the general Wielkopolska region are participating in Restaurant Night 2018 - Flavours of Poland. It is an event aimed at showcasing the power of Polish cuisine utilising the best quality regional ingredients and created by experienced and ambitious chefs. “The major premise behind this event is reaching out to the public with the information that the best flavours often come from local culinary products and the chefs are ambassadors of locality, freshness and flavours of particular regions” - says Hubert Gonera, the event ringleader and organiser. “This year’s edition is a nod to the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining its independence. We want to gift ourselves and showcase the richness of Polish flavours. 43 restaurants from twelve regions of the country have confirmed their participation. In Warsaw, the Restaurant Night menu is prepared by the leading exponent of Polish flavours, the chef and TV personality Karol Okrasa. In Wielkopolska, we also have great chefs, and eight of them have joined our event!” - he adds.


“Restaurant Night has been changing its formula. We have raised the bar. This year’s event is a dinner with a tasting menu based in local specialties and highest quality Polish produce.” - Gonera goes on to say. “This format is realised with the support of quality culinary producers, focusing on the vital role of the top quality ingredients in restaurant cuisine. This year, they include the producer of the six-month matured Bursztyn cheese, Spółdzielcza Mleczarnia Spomlek z Radzynia Podlaskiego, Masarnia Dreszler - the producer of premium craft charcuterie, including goose breast, a typical Polish hallmark, and Manufaktura Łagowski, the producer of top quality flavoured oils on the basis of rapeseed oil - among others, leek and smoked vegetable flavoured.”


The prices of the tasting menu range between 69 to 120 PLN. During these unusual three days of culinary adventure among many dishes abundant in high quality produce and excellent aromas and flavours, additional attractions await the public in some of the participating restaurants, such as live music. In each of the restaurants taking part in Restaurant Night 2018, the chefs will be available for a chat with the guests about their culinary inspirations.


For more information on the restaurants participating in Restaurant Night 2018, their tasting menus and prices, go to nocrestauracji and the www.facebook.com/NocRestauracji Facebook page.


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