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Fat Thursday in Poznan

Fat Thursday is a popular and recognizable holiday in Poland, celebrated on the last Thursday before Lent. On this day, Poles often eat fried treats, mainly doughnuts and fritters. Fat Thursday is considered a day of joy and carelessness, as people celebrate life and eat as if "stocking up" before the fasting period. Many people gather with family and friends to enjoy delicious doughnuts together. Poles also like to bring their favorite doughnuts and fritters to work, where they share them with colleagues and increasingly compare the treats from different producers for fun. It is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year in Poland. Like many other holidays that have their roots in religious tradition, it has gained a secular dimension. It is an opportunity for friendly gatherings and sweet indulgence. For the people of Poznan, it is the second such day of the year. The next one is November 11th, when, according to tradition, we feast on St. Martin's croissants. We have the experience, so on February 16, 2023, Fat Thursday, we will give the doughnuts no chance!

Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020