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Modra - designer folk cuisine

A small family restaurant in Mickiewicza street in Poznań is one of Jeżyce district’s hidden gems. The simple, short menu based mainly on Polish recipes transports you back in time to your childhood. Do you remember your gran’s Sunday roast? Those in Modra Kuchnia taste the same, or even better, and look amazing!


“Modra Kuchnia”, as it is commonly known, is actually “Modra - designer folk cuisine”. This original name unveils the intention of the owners, who cook the food and serve the customers personally. All dishes served in the restaurant are prepared on the basis of the chef’s designer recipes. The inspiration is drawn from Polish cuisine, culinary memories from childhood and the offer of the nearby Jeżycki Market - the source of most fresh produce used in the kitchen.



On the short menu there are soups, mains and homemade cakes - each of them done with style and without unnecessary fancifulness. The plates are arranged in a very simple way, yet attractive and well thought out, corresponding with the simple decor and the straightforward menu. The dishes on the menu change often, although the popular favorites and crowd-pleasers keep returning to it - luckily! Kulebiaki (cobblers) and pyzy (dumplings), served in many different variations, are among the most popular menu items. Kulebiak in Modra is a baked cobbler stuffed with meat, fish or veggies - if it happens to appear on the menu while you are visiting, be sure to give it a try, as it is excellent. After a moment’s consideration it becomes clear that you will need more than one visit, as Modra’s pyzy, duck or soups are definitely going to steal your hearts as well.



The restaurant has only a few tables and an open-plan kitchen. The colourful plates on the walls and the wooden tables serve as a clear reminder of Modra’s regionality, and the smiling owner makes you feel right at home. Modra is the ideal place for both a Sunday lunch and a festive dinner.



“The little big Kuchnia Modra” is an excellent description of this place - not in our own words, but we fully agree. Modra does not copy anything, does not pretend to be something it is not. It teems with flavour, warmth and life. It is absolutely one of a kind. All of this is largely down to the owners whose original ideas have not been filtered through managers, waiters and advisors. Their presence is the distinguishing feature which gives character to everything Modra has to offer - small, simple and extraordinary.  



If you happen to reach Jeżyce district, do be sure to plan a lunch in Modra Kuchnia. Not too hungry? A coffee and cake is also a brilliant idea. See you in Jeżyce!



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