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The (ice)cream of the crop in Poznań

The tiny window counter in Kościelna, serving traditional ice-cream since last year, has become an iconic, almost legendary spot. Throughout last summer mile-long lines to buy an ice-cream cone could be seen, and bets were placed on when these lines would disappear. They did not. Not in the summer, not even in the winter. And next to the small window counter, an ice-cream bar appeared, attracting crowds also in the fall and winter. Poznań residents fell deeply in love with the hand-made ice-cream, which did not go unnoticed by subsequent local producers. This year, traditional ice-cream is available in more than a dozen spots all over the city.

In this summary we recommend visiting small ice-cream parlors, cafes and restaurants. Each of the places listed here offers ice-cream made on the spot, from natural ingredients.



Wytwórnia Lodów Tradycyjnych (Kościelna 52) - Kościelna is the birthplace of Poznań’s traditional ice-cream phenomenon. Nowadays, it is not only the famous window counter - right next door there is “Bar lodowy” (ice-cream bar), which is a tiny cafe. You can sit at a table and have a chat over a nice cup of coffee. You can also bring your dog inside, which is a great advantage for those taking a stroll with their furry friends in Par Sołacki. Wytwórnia is planning to acquire the square by Kościelna, and put out benches and tables.


Wytwórnia Lodów Tradycyjnych (27 grudnia Street, corner of Kantaka) - the massive amount of competition made the predecessors of the ice-cream trend open another parlor closer to the city center. The petite spot between the Okrąglak building and Plac Wolności serves ice-cream to go.


Amore Bio Gelato (św. Marcin 38) - is a traditional Italian ice-cream making style, based on natural ingredients and the experience gained in the south of Europe. Apart from ice-cream, Amore Bio Gelato serves granitas - Sicilian desserts much like sorbets - as well as tea and coffee. It is THE place to be for parents of small children - there is a kiddie corner and a comfy bathroom, adapted to the needs of the little ones.


Lodziarnia Wroniecka 17 (Wroniecka 17) - serves ice-cream to go. It is exceptionally worth mentioning for its offer designed for lactose intolerant or vegan customers - soy- and rice-milk based ice-cream served in a gluten-free cone. You can also have a cup of coffee in Wroniecka.


Lodziarnia Giovanni Volpe (Gołębia 3) - the star of the season - ice-cream made with natural ingredients - can also be found here. This petite ice-cream parlor is worth a visit during a stroll around Stary Rynek - maybe on your way to see the Fara church. If you are a coffee enthusiast, there is an exceptional cafe right next door to Giovanni Volpe. Another parlor of this brand can be found in Głogowska 47A.


I Love Gelato (Ratajczaka 35) - Italian ice-cream, not just by the name. The owner is Italian, who despises all things not natural  with a genuine southern passion.


Brovaria (Stary Rynek 73-74) - is one of Poznań’s more interesting restaurants. The ice-cream made here is available in only two flavors - cream and chocolate. A curiosity for the palate is the beer caramel - a component of one f the restaurant’s signature desserts.


Cucina (Wyspiańskiego 25) - is one of the restaurants in the City Park complex by Wyspiańskiego. The alternating menu designed by Ernest Jagodziński surprises also in the domain of ice-cream. Curiosities such as goats cheese and while chocolate or curry orange flavors can be found here.


Mati Sushi (Plac Władysława Andersa 5) and Violet Sushi (Święty Marcin 9) are sister establishments, serving homemade, green tea and sesame ice-cream.

Enjoy (Reymonta 19) - is the place of Dominik Brodziak’s culinary creations. Next to traditional ice-cream based desserts, the restaurant serves savoury sorbets made from fruit and vegetables. Upon a visit to Enjoy, cuisine enthusiasts will be able to appreciate much more than just desserts - it is a true culinary “must-do”.

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