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Ice-cream - the secret recipe for a summer success

Long lines outside the small window of Wytwórnia Lodów Tradycyjnych (Traditional Ice-cream Works) in Kościelna Street as well as five thousand fans on Facebook are the measure of success accomplished by... ice-cream. In search for a change and a summer adventure we willingly sample novelties which have appeared in Poznań in the form of design ice-cream recipes. If you want to get a taste of the summer with a delicious dessert in your hand - here are a few suggestions for you.

The above mentioned Wytwórnia Lodów Tradycyjnych has been running since May 2013 and has gained fame in a surprising way. Open Tuesdays to Sundays, the ice-cream parlour is a mecca for gourmands from all over Poznań. Despite the passage of time, the famous queue does not get any shorter. Get ready for a sight from the socialism times. It is definitely worth to wait in it though. The ice-cream and sorbets are made on the spot, distributed with a special spatula and weighed to the point of achieving desired weight. All this is well worth every minute spent queueing for them.
Brovaria in Stary Rynek is an establishment known especially for its beer, brewed right there on the spot. It is also excellent cuisine, and a great addition to it is the ice-cream, also made on the spot. Vanilla and chocolate ice-cream is the creation of the locale’s owner himself, who has worked with well renowned chefs to achieve his dream flavours. The cool perfection is also available in the form of multi-component goblets, e.g. with pistachio sauce or fruit. An interesting detail on the menu is ice-cream with beer caramel, which is made on site.

Desery w Brovarii / Deserts in BrovariaDesery w Brovarii / Deserts in Brovaria

Ice-cream deserts in Brovaria

The owners of the tiny cafe “Babki cafe” in Kramarska Street have subjected their culinary experiments to their individual mood and imagination. When asked about the idea and available flavours, they always answer that the inspiration is summer itself. Their flavours are drawn from the weather. Creamy cream is almost always available, different flavours depend largely on the attainability of fresh ingredients, mainly fruit. Recently, the cafe’s guests could enjoy ice-cream with orange flavour.
Platinum Palace’s chef, Dominik Brodziak, recommends fruit sorbet for such hot days. - Sorbets, which are essentially frozen fruit juices, sometimes also vegetable juices, are the ideal and refreshing supplement to a summer meal. They can be treated as desserts and as aperitif. In the kitchen I also go with dry sorbets, which unlike their sweet variety do not induce thirst. We also serve ice-cream prepared in accordance with our own recipes. Vanilla-flavoured ones are an addition to coffees and desserts, fruit-flavoured ones are prepared for a specific menu. - Dominik Brodziak explains.
“A nóż widelec” restaurant in Czechosłowacka Street bets on surprise and originality. Ice-cream with flavours such as bison grass or a mixture of flavours of eggnog and plums fulfill the chef’s fundamental principal - they are not available in any shop. We wish you happy culinary explorations.
Ice-cream and sorbets made on the spot are available in:
Ask also in many other Poznań confectioneries.
text and photo: Jakub Pindych

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