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Poland 2014 Culinary Cup - the best chefs compete in Poznań

Poland Culinary Cup is Poland’s most prestigious culinary competition, taking place in Poznań every year since 2000. Its one single aim is to find “the best of the best” of the culinary scene. Chefs from Poznań are both amongst the winners of previous competitions, and among this year’s contenders. The competition will take place at MTP exhibition and fair center between September 30th and October 1st.

The contenders in Poland Culinary Cup are chefs who had won one of Polands many prestigious culinary competitions taking place in the country throughout the year preceding PCC. In short, it is the battle royale, the arena of only champions.


The participants will tackle the task of preparing seven servings of a warm appetizer, a main course and a dessert. Among the obligatory ingredients this year there are quince, pumpkin, kale and scallops. For the dessert, the main ingredients must be raspberries, white chocolate and… beetroot! A difficult task? Why of course, but it is the only way to distinguish the select ensemble, who will compete for Poland’s most prestigious culinary trophy.


Robert Echaust and Jakub Walczak (Enjoy Restaurant)  - Cup winners from Poznań in 2011


Poland Culinary Cup has fallen into the hands of Poznań natives a good few times. Dominik Brodziak, chef at Enjoy Restaurant, has won the first edition of the competition. Brovaria’s own Paweł Rozmiarek is the only Polish contender to ever win it twice. Both chefs are happy to pass the torch on - Dominik Brodziak’s protegees have taken the podium twice, and Brovaria’s Bartosz Budzyński is among this year’s contenders.


PCC winners from Poznań from previous years



Chefs representing Poznań in Poland 2014 Culinary Cup battle


The competition is open to the general public. For more information on Poland Culinary Cup, go to KPP 2014 (information in Polish).

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