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Autumn in FIGA

Autumn has arrived in FIGA restaurant. Chef Lech Pluciński created dishes using the richness of this extraordinary season. On the menu, there are (among others) pumpkin, beets, mushrooms and blueberries.

Beet, pumpkin and goat’s cheese salad


Autumn has come to FIGA in its whole, full-blown wonder. The rich and colorful menu makes up for the weather scarcities and effectively takes the patrons out of a possible end-of-summer torpor. What is on the menu? All that screams autumn - forest fruit, apples, pumpkin, beef and nuts. In spite of using these ingredients, very popular in Polish cuisine, Lech Pluciński managed to incorporate elements of Spanish and British cuisines in his designer menu. This is FIGA’s unique, trademark style, stemming from the chef’s perennial international travel.


Beef risotto with goat’s cheese and black sesame


Naturally, fish and meats have found their way onto your plate, with the autumn produce serving as wonderful side dishes. In many dishes however, the seasonal produce is the star of the show. A special place on the main stage is reserved for pumpkin and beets. The latter can be tasted in the subtly sweet beet risotto, served with a mild, creamy goat’s cheese.


“Pavlova” is a dessert which in FIGA changes with the seasons. Not too long ago, it was available with rose meringues and ice-cream. Today, in its autumn version, a chestnut mousse, blueberries and raspberries appear on the plate. The dessert is its usual perfection and, as is the entire Lech Pluciński menu, definitely worth a trip the Plewiska, a bit off the city center.



“Pavlova” - a meringue-based dessert classic, accompanied by chestnut cream, toasted nuts, blueberries and “honeycomb” ice-cream


Tourists will be happy to know that “remote” is a relative term when it comes to the compact city that is Poznań. FIGA is located a mere 5 km from Poznań Główny Station. It is also worth remembering that there are a few comfy hotel rooms right above the restaurant.


Figa's autumn menu is available at: http://www.figarestauracja.pl/menu.html


Restauracja FIGA
Grunwaldzka 512, 62-064 Plewiska
www.figarestauracja.pl | tel. +48 601 174 749 | tel. +48 61 861 74 75






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