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Chmielnik - the beer cuisine

Chmielnik is a well known spot for beer lovers. As one of the first establishments in Poznań, Chmielnik has chosen to focus specifically on Polish beers, and has been serving them in over a hundred varieties. Today, its extraordinary beer offer gains an equally extraordinary culinary development. Meticulously chosen pairings of the amber brew and delicious dishes have now found their way onto the Chmielnik menu.

The craft and regional beer trend is here to stay and needs no introduction. The last few years have been a true Renaissance of brewery and an incredible bloom of the beer variety on offer. Chmielnik as one of the first establishments on Poznań’s culinary map has been serving Polish beers exclusively - at impressive numbers nonetheless. The variety on offer is a cross section of all possible styles, brands and kinds of beers.


Grilled pork neck, baked potatoes and traditional Poznanian gzik are paired with an APA beer


Chmielnik’s offer has recently gained an interesting and surprising development. It is a menu of dishes paired with specific beers. This practice is a standard with wines, but Poznań has not yet seen such pairings done with beers, and certainly not anything quite like what Chmielnik has to offer. What is on this menu?, you might ask. Well, let’s just say anyone blindly betting on pork knuckle, pork neck or barbecued sausage is right on the money.


Salmon, green veg and mascarpone risotto


The ideal, intuitive and well-tested pairings have not been forgotten, but there are also those more surprising. A salmon, green veg and mascarpone risotto has been paired with a wheat beer. A tofu, veg and pear salad goes nicely with a PILS. And what about the traditional Polish blood sausage with roasted onions and bread? Why of couse - a honey beer! Chmielnik’s beer pairing initiative helps to rediscover your own nose, without which eating would not be even half the great pleasure it normally is. The pairings by Chmielnik will take you back to the smells of butter, fava beans or coriander. Many of us might have already forgotten that the world is filled with aroma - right?


The full menu (in Polish): Chmielnik.pdf


A STOUT goes nicely with beef entrecote in pepper sauce


Hungry or not, Chmielnik is the perfect place for a get-together with friends. Buzzing, lively and filled with good atmosphere, it appeals not only to hardcore beer enthusiasts. A simple coffee in Chmielnik’s charming patio area will taste just as good. Check it out!




Żydowska 27, Poznań

tel. +48 790 333 946 | chmielnik.pub@gmail.com



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