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Bo.Poznań - out of the box breakfast

Bo.Poznań is a petite restaurant at Kościuszki St., neighbouring the Imperial Castle. It has been present on the Poznań culinary market for two years. In this time, it has toughened a bit, matured and stabilised its offer. It has also gained a solid bevy of regulars who come back to Bo. again and again. For us, there are two reasons to revisit Bo. The first is the unorthodox breakfast menu, the other - the change in opening hours. The broader breakfast menu is now available from 7.30am. What is more, breakfasts are now served all day.

In Bo.Poznań’s modern interiors, there is a clear mark of an architect’s touch. There isn’t any doubt that nothing here is accidental. It does correspond with a certain scheme, according to which new locales go through the hands of many architects, PR specialists and stylists during the creative phase. One cannot help the impression, however, that many of them neglect to check in with someone who knows a thing or two about cooking. At Bo, there is no such impression. Its experienced owners have put their focus on simple lunch dishes, pies and coffee and these were the restaurant’s staples from its premiere days. A simple menu allowed Bo to handle the first wave of interest and, in time, to grow and develop its offer.


In the period of two years since its debut, the restaurant has evolved into a recognizable eatery with character. This applies both to the atmosphere and the food itself. Bo is the place you come back to again and again to have your favorite dishes and to smile at the charmingly grumpy owner; to read the paper in “your spot” and to dillydally knowing very well that the staff are now accustomed to our Tuesday bad mood. What you mostly return to, however, is the consistently high quality of the food, and its taste. The menu has its own character which, in gastronomy, is worth a king’s ransom in diamonds.


This time around, our focus was on the breakfasts. When introducing the list of our breakfast recommendations, we were looking for places open in the early hours of the morning, serving a variety of interesting dishes. We are not going to lie - the price did matter, too. Bo fulfilled two of these three criteria, because - in our eyes - opening at 9am gave the lovers of eating breakfast out little to work with, despite the interesting and very tasty offer. Today, Bo is joining the creme de la creme of our recommendations. Not only does it now open at 7.30am sharp, the breakfast menu was extended with a number of much cheaper positions, such as sandwiches, available in house or as takeaway.


What is there on the menu? Scrambled eggs, omelets, salads or porridges - all in one of a kind versions. All these dishes are polished, well prepared and interesting. What is worth mentioning is that the salad dressings and sides, as well as the bread, are made on the spot. There are no store-bought ready made things or “tastes just like” gastronomic substitutes. Therein lies the secret of Bo’s uniqueness. If you don’t know where to start, try the eggs Benedict on salmon rolls or porridge with baked egg, nuts and raisins. For the takeaway optio, try the salad or one of the many tasty sandwiches.


Check out Bo.Poznań’s whole menu here: menu


PS. Dear Bo staff! Maybe you could make the Grumpy Mr Bo a nice cup of lemon balm tea? Take good care of him, and cheer him on to keep on course, because things are really, really good.


Keep up the good work, Bo. Poznań!

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