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Bo. Poznań

“Bo. Poznań” is a petite restaurant just a few steps away from the Imperial Castle (Zamek) - it is modern but cozy; homey but with character. Sitting at one of the outside tables, or upon your exit, you can admire the powerful mass of the Castle and its breathtaking gardens. What about the food, I hear you ask? No worries - “Bo.” is the experienced owners’ third establishment, so nothing short of professional service and knowledge of the bizz is an absolute given.   

The news of the planned opening has been circulating the city for a few good months. Its actual premiere took place during the Poznań Half Price event, which meant the young establishment was thrown in at the deep end. Bo’s experienced staff picked up the gauntlet and managed a flawless service to the surge of visitors, proving once for all that “Bo.” is ready for action.



The original character of the age-old brick interior has been nicely combined with the warmth of wood and the bright walls. This created a design which is clean, but also cozy and informal.


The food is simple and tasty. “Bo. Poznań” clearly targets regulars, who it plans to charm with repeated quality, a homey atmosphere and a changeable, simple menu. Apart from a choice of breakfast and lunch menus, there is a wide variety of homemade pastries and cakes, coffees, teas and cold beverages.



Urban atmosphere lovers will appreciate the outside seating, where you can enjoy your meal and a steaming cup of Joe. The latter, especially in the afternoon, savoured with a sunset view of the castle walls, will make you feel dangerously and delightfully lazy.


“Bo. Poznań” is an excellent choice for breakfast or lunch, as the restaurant is closed in the evening. This opens up a whole range of new possibilities, such as closed events, parties, meetings and even business presentations. The larger of the two halls, after a small transformation, allows for an effective workshop or presentation, while the smaller can serve as a nice catering or coffee break lounge.



Restauracja Bo. Poznań
ul. Kościuszki 84, Poznań
www.facebook.com/Bo.Poznan | tel. +48 519 116 152


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