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AVOCADO - fusion cuisine in Jeżyce

Have you heard of Avocado restaurant? Even though the gate at Dąbrowskiego 29 is mostly associated with the supermarket operating there, just a mere few meters into the modern, elegant courtyard there is a very interesting establishment. Avocado offers breakfasts, lunches and an interesting menu a’la carte. Our favorite time to pop in is midday, when the bright, glassed locale is filled with sunlight. Avocado is not the only food establishment in this picturesque area, and one more is about to appear.

The bright, modern space has been designed with attention to the smallest detail.


The kitchen in Avocado is lead by Grzegorz Filozof. When asked about his menu, he describes it as “regional fusion”. This chef tries to use solutions difficult to recreate in your own four walls but, as he insists, they are all based on popular, widely available products. His wish is to surprise with ideas, flavours and presentation. It is of course up to his patrons to evaluate his efforts.


Regional produce, tested suppliers and the proximity of a market create a quality basis.



Breakfast in Avocado is served between 9.30 and 12


The produce used in the kitchen come mainly from the nearby market - Rynek Jeżycki. Meat comes from tested and trusted suppliers. And this is the long and short of it - the remainder of the preparation of dishes takes place on the spot.


Pasta, cakes, ice-cream, and even bread are all made on the spot. The menu changes with the seasons, virtually every three months. Permanent menu items are freshly squeezed juices and fruit and vegetable cocktails. Chef Grzegorz recommends trying the soups and his excellent duck first and foremost.


Cranberry-stuffed bread is made on the spot.


In Avocado, the lunch menu at a special price is available till 3.30pm

Avocado was one of the first establishment to develop the space within the new investment in this area. In October 2015, CookUp studio has also opened here - you can read about it here. We are looking forward to yet another gastronomic project to appear in Dąbrowskiego 29 - a sushi bar.


Ice-cream of own production with fresh fruit and white chocolate pieces.



Avocado Restaurant & Wine
Dąbrowskiego 29 | 61-841 Poznań
www.avocado-poznan.pl | tel. +48 61 307 14 45 | tel. +48 534 455 221 | kontakt@avocado-poznan.pl




The best duck