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AUTENTYK - Ernest Jagodziński is opening his own restaurant

Ernest Jagodziński has tied his stay in Poznań with CUCINA restaurant in City Park a number of years ago, and he has been the creative force there since its opening days, making CUCINA the arena of his many successes thanks to his talent and diligence. It was a perfect project of sorts and it has the recognition of both guests and critics to show for it. 2016 has brought Jagodziński at the helm of CUCINA a prestigious honor - three chef’s hats from the Gault&Millau Polska food guide.


In the spring of 2017 an electrifying news came - Ernest Jagodziński is opening his own designer restaurant! There was truth in the word on the street and the new project turned out to be AUTENTYK at Grunwaldzka St. in Poznań. A few months of intensive labour has transformed the unassuming interiors into a petite and cozy restaurant. AUTENTYK has launched at the end of July 2017. The official opening and media presentation is planned for September. Launching the restaurant is the result of a joint effort and truly hard work of Ernest and Ola, and we would like them to accept our congratulations at the very start. Ola is in charge of the interior design, style and floor work management; Ernest’s reign is the kitchen.



The homely interior design, inspired by the Scandinavian style, is quite cozy in spite of its characteristic simplicity. The restaurant is comprised of the main room, a small family table at the back and a banquet hall, used for special private events. The table at the back gives a sense of privacy and closeness to the kitchen. The back room’s other main attraction is the meat seasoning fridge, although some might consider the sight a wee bit too aesthetically strong - we especially mean our vegetarian and vegan readers as well as sensitive parents. To us it is a real tidbit.



The menu is short and constructed with the aim of presenting the chef’s style and showcase his favorite flavors. Ernest’s cooking combines elements of Polish cuisine with prominent accents of the Mediterranean and Asian flavors, which sounds a little bit exotic, but in reality creates Ernest’s unique style. You can certainly love it; you can hate it - but you cannot stay indifferent.



Despite his many years in the business, Ernest still has the spark. World curious, hungry for the personal interaction with his guests, able to distance himself from his many accomplishments - he still wants to discover the unknown. Together with his guests he wants to share the emotion of the new discoveries.



The intimate AUTENTYK is the perfect restaurant for such discoveries. The scale of the project allows the chef to become personally involved in all of the restaurant’s activities. The selection of the coffee beans, the aromatic teas, the wines - everything goes through Ernest’s hands. The food is merely half of the joy and pleasure of visiting a restaurant. The other half of the story is meeting the chef. It is not always possible, but do keep trying - it is really, really worth it!



What would be our recommendation to try for your first experience? If a full meal at the restaurant is not on your agenda, at least pop in for a coffee. If you spot a dessert that calls your name and catches your eye - do not hesitate for too long. For the small appetite, try the salads and fantastic fish menu, and we would start the serious food adventure with tartar and seasoned steak.


Check out the menu and prices at AUTENTYK here: menu Autentyk (Facebook)



Enough of the tale - it is time to visit AUTENTYK and see for yourself. Bon appetit!

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