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Pyrland Park Ropes Course

Pyrland Park ropes course, located near Maltańskie Lake, is an excellent place for an active leisure for everyone. It provides the whole family with a lot of fun and positive energy.

There are three rope routes available:
- high - (for the athletes among us) with 18 obstacles, 1-1,5h to get through
- medium - 19 obstacles, 1-1,5h to get through
- low (easiest and best suited for beginners) - 12 obstacles, 30-45 minutes to get through.

A children’s route is also available (from the age of 3) with an unlimited number of tries. That route is protected with a safety net, which children can also jump around on. It is designed for children between the ages of 3 and 12. There are also two zip-lines at the visitors’ disposal.


Pyrland Park Ropes Course
ul. Baraniaka/Chartowo -


tel. +48 660 048 901

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