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Klub U Bazyla

 Klub u Bazyla is an iconic place. For years the insides of an old factory have been a meeting spot for the lovers of beer and harder sounds. The owners describe it as a place for enthusiasts of the alternative. Klub u Bazyla is a place you either love instantly, or give a wide berth to. It is definitely worth checking out at least once - that visit will shape your opinion about “Bazyl” for the years to come.

You would have to find it first, though. The pub is hidden in the courtyard of one of Św. Wojciech Street’s tenement buildings, at the outskirts of the Old Town. Of course, for some time now, a modest little plate can be found on the wall, but for frequenters the clue is invariably the signboard... for a gynaecologist’s office, which happens to reside in the very same building.

The locale’s operations mostly combine a music club with a pub. U Bazyla is a large element of the city’s underground club culture history. It is also the place where many new bands made their musical beginnings.
Concerts, dance parties and DJ performances are organized in three spacious rooms, each with a slightly different décor. The variety of musical genres on offer gives an opportunity to chose one in accordance to your own musical tastes - all you need is to keep track of the concert schedule. Some events might require an entry fee.
Beer is an inherent element to a good party. In Klub U Bazyla there are several dozen brands of the amber brew, including cheaper ones especially for the student’s pocket. There are also a number of special offers addressed at students.
Klub U Bazyla
Święty Wojciech 28


tel. +48 501 468 971