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Za kulisami

If you are looking for a really homely place, you must pay a visit to Za Kulisami (Backstage). Even though most of the patrons are regulars, anyone and everyone will feel welcome and the locale favours intimate conversations with the significant other or an evening of fun with friends.

The cosy atmosphere is created by wooden furniture, dimmed lights and hundreds of books on the shelves. Za Kulisami is also one of the longest running clubs in Poznań. For nearly twenty years of its existence, the walls have become overgrown with memorabilia – poems on napkins, drawings, postcards, but also little curiosities such as a cut tie in a frame or a typical construction site sign with a very atypical warning: “Attention! Gloria in excelsis”. In the photographs there are many famous people, whose lives had been tied with Poznań and Za Kulisami for a longer or shorter period of time.

On standing offer there are about ten regional beers, including at least a few served from a tap, from dry to sweet (honey or fruit), as well as a selection of cocktails. Za Kulisami is located right behind Pałac Górków (The Górka Palace), home to the Archaeological Museum. It is just several steps away from the crowded, noisy Stary Rynek, and it is all it takes to enter a world of narrow streets drowned in dimness and clubs filled with books.
Za kulisami
Wodna 24


tel. +48 61 853 2397

Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020