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Piwko Naprzeciwko

An establishment opposite the City Hall has beer, vodka and aspic. It brings many things to mind – the old remember the olden days, the young would like to experience the life they know only from books and movies. Both float on the waves of nostalgia.

In Poznań alone there are a few places offering beer and vodka in the style of People's Republic of Poland (PRL). Some try to copy the old flair, others generically transform the old design. Surely in all of them you can sample retro appetizers such as beef tartar or herring. What sets Piwko Naprzeciwko apart are local specialities such as liver wurst or mett sandwiches, gzik (cottage cheese with onions and chives) as well as the famous rumpuć soup (a soup characteristic of the Greater Poland region). The only right drink for this sort of food is of course the local beer, which in this case is the symbol of Poznań, sold nowhere outside of Wielkopolska Lech Pils. It is nearly impossible to get it from the tap, and one of the few places where it can be sampled in that form is Piwko Naprzeciwko. A typically Polish custom of serving beer with various sweet syrups will definitely come as a surprise to patrons from abroad.

The famous Poznań goats, butting their heads every day at midday on the City Hall tower, can be seen from the windows of the pub. Another fact worth noticing is that “The Guardian” mentioned Piwko Naprzeciwko in its recommendation for football fans during the UEFA Euro Cup 2012.
Not only the relaxed, crowded pub atmosphere is a noteworthy fact – the friendly prices are one as well. A pint will cost you a proverbial few Złotych, and a starter should not be more than 10 PLN.
Piwko Naprzeciwko
Stary Rynek 42


tel. +48 61 852 0018

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