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Ministerstwo Browaru

Ministerstwo Browaru (Ministry of Beer) pub has been established in mid-2012 and is a development of a passion for beer, formerly realized by a beer store, placed just a few metres further.

Ministry of Beer offers an impressive number of 400 brands and types of beer. They come from all over the world, but the pub’s speciality are mostly beers from small regional Polish breweries. Many German beers, as well as over two hundred Belgian brands, can be also found here.

Amber brew enthusiasts will appreciate a wide selection of beers from the tap, available thanks to ten nozzles. Four of them are reserved for Belgian beers, two for English beers and cider served with English beer pumps without the use of gas, and the remaining two for Polish, German and Czech beers. When the keg is emptied, a whole new selection takes its place. With such a wide selection, surprises and curios are not rare. Amongst them the Belgian Hopus, poured into kegs once a year, is definitely worth checking out, as well as Porto Duchesse de Bourgogne, a beer aged for eighteen months in oak barrels. The Minister – the pub’s hallmark beer – is also worth mentioning, as it comes in five types: unpasteurized pils, unpasteurized wheat, dark wheat, stout and ale. All your potential questions and queries will be answered by helpful and well-informed staff.
Ministry of Beer organizes beer premières, tastings, lectures and beer celebrations with Oktoberfest at the forefront. A special Marzen beer is brought from Munich especially for that occasion.
In the summer, the Ministry’s beer garden, located at the gate of the tenement house, offers a place to hide from the sun and enjoy a pint.
Ministerstwo Browaru
Ratajczaka 34


tel. +48 601 533 747

Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020