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Fort Colomb

The club was established in 1999 in a bunker - a remnant of a fort known as Bastion Colomba (Colomb’s Bastion). In the course of the building’s renovations all the remaining walls of the previous fortification have been maintained. The uniqueness of the building lies in it being one of the very few remains of the inner fortifications ring of a powerful stronghold erected by the Prussians in the nineteenth century.

Fort Colomb provides a park beer garden in the summer, and during the winter a fireplace heated underground hall. Located over five metres below the ground, the raw brick dungeons allow you to really feel the atmosphere of a dark fortress.

The club’s tradition are broadcasts of sport events. The schedule of the event broadcasts is available on the club’s website. During the weekends, Fort Colomb offers live concerts as well as dance parties with DJ’s. Events of the “Folk w Forcie” (Folk in the Fort) cycle bring together enthusiasts of rediscovering traditional dances from all over the world.
Due to the near proximity to the train and bus stations Fort Colomb is one of the places which are easy to find after you arrive in Poznań. The park location makes it the perfect spot to relax after the whole week’s work and meet your friends for a cold one. If the weather allows, many events are open-air. In such an atmosphere beer tastes excellent.
Available at the bar there is a selection of popular brands of lager and wheat beers, both bottled and from the tap.
Fort Colomb
Powstańców Wielkopolskich 1


tel. +48 609 990 282