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Dragon is an iconic place, known and recognized as a club with an atmosphere and character. The locale is often open until the early hours of the morning – this got it the reputation of the place in Poznań which truly closes last. The rooms of an old tenement building together with an adjacent courtyard have been skilfully adapted into a few bars, a restaurant, multilevel summer garden as well as an independent cultural institution.

In each element of the décor you can notice unconventionality, imagination and the lack of restraint. The most characteristic element is the dragon’s head, gazing at the patrons from above the main bar, which offers few brands of beer - from the tap and bottled. The interesting interior design and off music scene add to Dragon’s character.

“Kuchnia dla Dragona” (Cuisine for Dragon) is an independent culinary project, which enriches the offer of the pub. The inspiration for its creation were the Czech hospodas and German bistros – popular, accessible and offering good food at a higher standard. The varied, highly sophisticated menu by Szymon Sławiński has build a quality equalling many renown restaurants. Food can be ordered at the bar or in the restaurant area, created by a few tables upstairs.
Among Dragon’s many activities Mały Dom Kultury (Little Community Centre) - a foundation which supports many forms of artistic work – is worth mentioning. This means a long list of interesting workshops, meetings, concerts and festivals which accompany the club’s operations. Dragon is also one of the few places where live vanguard jazz can be heard played regularly.
Zamkowa 3


tel. +48 61 853 0819