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Steak & Grill Restaurant

An aroma of coffee in the morning, of fresh herbs at lunchtime... Subtle culinary compositions in the evening... Perfectly matched wine and gently playing music... Welcome to the world of tastes and aromas...


Our culinary propsal is composed of Polish and Italian specialities. It will satisfy not only those who are looking for a place for business lunch but also families and friends willing to spend a nice time at accompaniment of delicious meals. For this purpose our care for variety of dishes and the highest quality of service.

A real attraction for gourments are dishes (including the best steaks of beef) prepared on a special grill with natural stones of volcanic lava. The main advantage of the meals prepared on our grill is their succulence, unusual taste and healthy properties.

Steak & Grill Restaurant
Kolejowa 29
60-718 Poznań


tel. +48 61 664 66 02

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Opening hours
Monday:12:30 - 00:00
Tuesday:12:30 - 00:00
Wednesday:12:30 - 00:00
Thursday:12:30 - 00:00
Friday:12:30 - 00:00
Saturday:12:30 - 00:00
Sunday:12:30 - 00:00

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