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SomePlace Else

SomePlace Else in Sheraton Hotel in Poznań is an ideal place for an evening pint and sports excitement. There are several different beers on the menu, as well as six LCD TVs and one of the largest screens in Poznań.

If you value style and quality for which you would be willing to pay a bit extra, SomePlace Else is the place for you. Its assets are undoubtedly the international atmosphere created by hotel guests from all over the globe, good music, professional staff and Tex-Mex cuisine, which is a combination of the culinary traditions of Mexico and the USA. En carte you will find such Tex-Mex specialities as fajitas with fresh salsa and home-made guacamole, juicy ribs, spicy meats and grilled sirloin slices. The kitchen is open until late hours of the night.

What sets SomePlace Else apart is an interesting, elegant interior, which alludes to American bars from the fifties. This inspiration is easily recognizable in the used materials: wood, leather and many chrome gadgets. The addition of the front part of Syrena – one of the most popular Polish cars, produced from late fifties to the early eighties and currently unique – provides some local colour to one of the walls the inside of the pub.

The pub offers a variety of special offers for students – it is really worth it to check them out, as SomePlace Else does transport you to a whole other place.

SomePlace Else
Bukowska 3/9
60-809 Poznań



tel. +48 61 655 2000

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