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Mała Italia

Welcome to the restaurant created to give you a substitute of Italy and to satisfy the palate of Italian food enthusiasts. We invite you to a Litle Italy. 

At the heart of Poznań, in the shade of gray arches of the old square there is a little hidden gem - a place that takes us into the beautiful and romantic scenery in the world of aromatic Italy. Climate decor, where you can find comfortable couches for an informal meeting, as well as tables for a more formal one, will allow you to relax and spend a good time with delicate notes of music, Italian wine with a unique flavor and a variety of unique Italian dishes. Our dishes are distinguished not only by their taste qualities, but above all, the high quality that we get through the selection of the best products, the use of fresh ingredients and creating every day from the ground, at the very time of order. 

Mała Italia
Wielka 27/29
61-775 Poznań


tel. +48 664 739 467

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