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Kriek Belgian Pub & Cafe

Kriek is a Belgian pub with around 170 beers on offer. Many of them come from small niche breweries and the available selection changes in rotation. Kriek specialized solely in Belgian top-fermented beer and in that field it is really second to none.

The specialization means not only a wide selection but also an excellent knowledge on the topic. It is also the skill and ease of serving all available brands in original, individually selected glasses.

Among its countless numbers of beers, Kriek offers Kwak from a tap. Belgian beer enthusiasts will have no problem associating it with its characteristic, hourglass shaped glass. A small Kwak can be enjoyed without any surprises. However, to order a large one, one needs to leave a gage. According to tradition, the owner would lower a wicker basket on a line attached to the ceiling, in which one of the patron’s shoes would be placed. The shoe, placed safely in the basket up by the ceiling, will await the patron to finish his drink, and return the glass.

A nice addendum to the pub’s beer selection are mussels, fries and dry-cured Flemish ham. The former, of impeccable freshness, can be ordered in Kriek on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Sports fans will be happy to know Kriek also offers transmissions of sports events, especially those not easily accessible or broadcast late at night. One of the pub’s indisputable knick-knacks is a professional breathalyser which will inform you whether or not the buzz from the small tasting sample has already withered. Kriek is located only a few dozen metres from Stary Rynek (The Old Market).

Kriek Belgian Pub & Cafe
Wodna 23


tel. +48 508 267 570

Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020