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Hotel - Restauracja "Delicjusz" *** (105 rooms)

Hotel - Conference Centre "Delicjiusz" is located about 15 km from Poznań, directly along side route number 5 in the Wroclaw direction, and about 6 km from highway A2 (Komorniki knot).
We can guarantee 105 of comfortable on suit rooms, from singles, doubles, and also rooms catering for up to 3 people. Can accommodate around 200 people. A high standard of service is guaranteed at all times, and our restaurant supplies a wide range of dishes all cooked from local fresh ingredients.
In accordance with our client needs and wishes, we can also offer the complex for conferences and business meetings, and additional attractions or events.


Hotel is a part of one complex with DELI Park (an educational-leisure facility, www.delipark.pl) and Papugarnia Ara (a parrot house, www.papugarnia-ara.pl).

Hotel - Restauracja "Delicjusz" *** (105 rooms)
Poznańska, Trzebaw 1
62-060 Stęszew


tel. +48 61 8 108 108

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