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City market in Oborniki

The city market in Oborniki has its beginnings in the 13th century when it was formed around the medieval market yard, located nearby a popular trade rout (today it is the Armii Poznań street, from the bridge towards north). 

The size and original shape of the market have been retained to this day, although the present buildings date from the 19th and 20th centuries. In the central point of the market you will find a monument of John Paul II, created in 2005. And the youngest visitors will surely be amused with the stone fountain.

There is also an interesting, half-timbered, single-nave church, the Holy Cross church, built in 1766 by Zofia Łojczykowska Foundation, located at Czarnkowska street, about 500 m to the west of the market. 

City market in Oborniki
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