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All Saints Church

Designed by Antoni Höhne and built in the years 1777-1787 as an evangelic church dedicated to the Holy Cross. The church furnishings from the years 1785-87 were made by Augustyn Schöps. Roman-Catholic church dedicated to All Saints since 1945, parish church since 1981. 

It is a Late Baroque and Neoclassical cross-shaped building on a rectangular plan with a tower to the west and a sacristy to the east. Figures of St. Peter and St. Paul from 1788 above the main entrance; a figure of Moses from 1787 (Augustyn Schöps) and a baptismal font from 1785 in the narthex. An elliptical trompe-l'œil dome in the central part of the shrine rests on eight columns with a double row of galleries between them. A wooden gallery from the years 1785-87 (rebuilt in the years 1926-27) above the entrance to the nave supported by two sculptures of atlantes. The church furnishings include the main altar with the painting The Last Supper adjoining the pulpit (with a medallion of St. Paul and a clock in the form of a grooved column) and the organ console. Pipe organs from 1785 above the altar with a cartouche featuring the monogram of King Stanisław August. Inscription plate of Siegmund Friedrich Goebel from the 18th century under the north gallery. 

All Saints Church
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