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Zdrowa Domowa Kuchnia



Mon-Frid 12:00-21:00

Sat 12:00-22:00

Sun 12:00-20:00

There is a garden and time that go by to taste "a juicy coffee". Only at our place you can experience how refreshing is the connection of an espresso with the orange juice. There we have over thirty chairs and certainty that the undercoming sun is always on our side. It gives a feeling of well-ending day and a conviction that tomorrow's coffee will have the same caffeine content in a cup. Our team also invites you to the beer, which is ideal not only for hoppers, but also for fans of the extraordinary crown corks and waffles. We also have excellent wines for everyone. An ever-enriching collection of books allows us to drink a few cups of tea in peace, which we gladly serve in many variations. Among them are „detox“, „flat stomach” or „euphoria”. All of them are teas prepared by us. Just like HERE – THERE we cook for you from Tuesday to Sunday and invite you from the breakfast to dinner time. Nobody leaves us hungry.

Zdrowa Domowa Kuchnia
Tysiąclecia 4B
62-020 Swarzędz


tel. 531203171

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