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Wielkopolski National Park

18 areas of strict protection with the joint acreage of 260 hectares (over 640 acres) have been established in the park. They protect various forms of glacial landscape, and the most natural vegetal collections, as well as their respective animals, and 32 monument trees.

Five signposted hiking trails with the joint length of 85 kilometers run through the park. Seven walks run across these trails, enabling to learn the natural and cultural value of the area. Over 100 kilometers of cycle paths are available in the park, as well as 30 kilometers of horse riding paths. In the park there is also many listed buildings, such as the wooden churches, 19th century mansions and the WNP Nature Museum in Jeziory.

Wielkopolski National Park
Jeziory Jeziory


tel. 61 89 82 300

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