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Biedrusko Palace

Located picturesquely on a hillside, the Neo-Renaissance building was erected between 1877-80 by master builder Ludwik Huhn for Biedrusko owner, Albrecht Otton von Treskow.

The multi-storey residence with a square tower and columnar porches in the garden and side facades is covered with a flat roof. The main entrance was placed in the side facade. The interiors are richly decorated.

In the heritage park with the surface area of nearly 14 hectares, the noteworthy element is the amphitheater, the lover’s gazebo, two ponds and a fountain surrounded by red and white roses.

In the past, the palace hosted the German Emperor William II, French and Polish Marshall Ferdinand Foch and the Romanian King Charles II. Today, the beautifully restored building houses a hotel, offering varied standard accommodation for 90, as well as a restaurant. Since 1978, the palace and the park are listed in the Monuments Registry. Another interesting building in Biedrusko is the 1901 water tower, located in a military unit.

Biedrusko Palace
ul. 1 Maja 82
62-003 Biedrusko


tel. 793 330 036
tel. 533 675 806

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