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WHY THAI food&wine

From the begining of our fascination of Thai cuisine, and with the help of chefs from the best thai restaurants, we created magic place, where you can sample the most popular thai dishes and drink a very high quality selected wines.

Decor of Why Thai Food & Wine restaurant is both in Warsaw and Poznan the same, which is not so close to the influence of Thailand, so it allows you to focus on the flavors and aromas of the cuisine. Thanks to them you will slowly start your journey to the distant Thailand.


Our chefs cook by using only the freshest and selected products, it guarants delicious taste, and what is the most important- healthy food. Why Thai Food & Wine's courses are a proof that without using MSG and other taste enhancers you can still get rich and delicate flavors, which are perfectly complementary. In Why Thai chefs cook for you in the open kitchen, so with undisguised pleasure they present their skills. Thinking about our dear guests we have prepared a surprising variety of flavors composition of the region.

WHY THAI food&wine
Kramarska 7 7
61-765 Poznań


tel. +48 61 818 29 11

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