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Stronghold Pobiedziska

The fortified town of Pobiedziska is a wooden stronghold dating back to the beginning of the Polish state, located on the historical Piast Trail, right between Poznań and Gniezno. An exhibition of medieval siege weapons in natural scale, an armory, a shooting range with siege weapons and an area where enthusiasts can organize medieval themed games and competitions, are available to visitors in the town's premises.

The wooden stronghold in Pobiedziska is not a typical museum, but rather an innovative project where the philosophy of science is promoted through games and fun. We encourage everyone to touch all our exhibits and actively use our innovative historical playground. Tourists visiting the fortified town of Pobiedziska can choose from a wide variety of interactive activities. Still, shooting the gigantic trebuchet - the most powerful medieval siege weapon - attracts the biggest crowds. A treadmill-powered wooden carousel is another popular destination. The inspiration to design the unique playground came from the specific way of visiting and enjoying historical monuments with kids. The playground's main advantage is that parents can interact with children and that everyone can learn while having fun.

Stronghold Pobiedziska
Fabryczna 1
62-010 Pobiedziska Letnisko


tel. 601377802

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