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Ptasie Radio

Ptasie Radio is a place known to the people of Poznan for the last ten years. It’s situated in a 100- year- old tenement house, which used to be a flat.


The owners of the restaurant pay great attention to the quality of food, interesting combination of flavours as well as the décor of the place. As a result the guests will be truly impressed with both the surroundings and the menu. Ptasie Radio is one of the best locations in Poznan to have breakfast, which is served throughout the day, as you never know when you might experience the morning appetiteJ. From its beginning the restaurant has served lasagne, which  has gained a wide group of fans and hasn’t changed for the last ten years. Similarly to its famous chocolate cake, which also has a long tradition.

Ptasie Radio
Kościuszki 74

tel. +48 61 853 64 51

Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020