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Tartak,  which  in  Polish  means sawmill, is  a  small  family  restaurant that was created out of passion for cooking and love for great food. Our offer includes meals which are perfect for lunch, dinner as well as supper. Every day you can eat fresh tarts, two kinds of soup and salads. Vegetarians will also find something delicious for themselves.

Such tarts as a’la Musaka or Sprośna Gruszka (Obscene Pear) should quickly win our guests’ hearts and palates. The  soups  available at our  restaurant are  made  through unusual combinations  of  flavors, as  well  as according  to traditional  recipes  applied  from  a  fresh perspective.  The  menu includes chili soup with  meat,  onion  soup  cooked  with  wine  and estragon, tomato soup with cocoa milk and cumin, and more, with beetroot carpaccio being the most prominent representative among our salads.  

At our place  you can also have some snack to accompany  your beer or simply on its own,  for  example,  pieces  of  toast  with black  olive tapenade  or  our  specialty – Ambergold Chicken.

We support local niche breweries. Our guests can choose from 12 kinds of beer as well as many  types  of  non-alcoholic  drinks  in  extraordinary  flavors, such  as  fir-tree flavored Wostok,  or  white  coke  by Mr. Dark – all  made  from  natural  ingredients. 100%  natural  pressed  juices  are  also  available. Among  our  desserts  one  can  find Italian coffee from the Pavin Caffe roasting company and a couple of sweet surprises.  
We cut our  tarts  into  6  wedges.  Each one is  served  with  fresh  salad  and  delicious original sauces.  The more wedges you eat, the less you pay. This is why it is a great idea to bring your family and friends. Also, if you have no time or ideas for dinner, you can make an order through  our  website www.tarta-k.pl. Tartak’s menu  will  surprise  you every  day with different tarts and special offers. Please, visit us!

Taczaka 22


tel. +48 506 176 100

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