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CUCINA Restaurant

At Cucina, you can see the tastes, hear the smells, and touch freshness. Feel the kitchen’s heart beat – because here it is alive. It is alive with people who create it and with nature to which they submit. This is because it is Nature that sets our menu proposals. Menu changes with seasons of the year. Summer tastes different than autumn, we need something else in spring, and winter’s gifts are different. We are well aware of this and thus food at Cucina is being prepared solely using fresh, seasonal produce. We would like to propagate the “I know what I eat” concept and thus our Guests can buy ingredients on which their favourite dishes are based at our delicatessen store. First of all, they can ask our cooks how to use them. Because in a genuine kitchen people talk a lot about what satisfies and pleases us.

The desire to provide our guests with unforgettable, multisensory sensations is directing our chef’s – Ernest Jagodziński’s thinking about food; for him, cooking is a combination of philosophy, psychology and fun. He would most gladly give up setting any menu and rely on the spur of the moment, availability of ingredients, and childlike spontaneity in discovering tastes and shapes. Since there already is a menu at Cucina, then – according to the ancient saying, it should be a river not to be ever entered twice.


Cucina is not only a restaurant but also a Cucina DELI – a Mediterranean eco-delicatessen store, and a genuine pizza from the oven and the newly opened Confectionery.


The oven – a genuine one, wood-fired, giving heat and spreading a lovely aroma of burned wood – is the heart of every Italian restaurant. Cucina also has such a heart, and owing to this we can offer our Guests a traditional Italian pizza from an oakwood-fired oven.


Many our guests have already got delighted with the thin dough baked with passion, aromatic olives, and selection of ingredients, that is with our unique pizza. We would like you to be able to taste the incredible composition of flavours and aromas of a traditional Italian pizza. Our cooks strive at composing lovely dishes using only the best possible ingredients. We are aware that sometimes you would like to relish these works of culinary art at your home, and this is why our oven-baked pizza is available with delivery to your home. Come to Cucina and have the best traditional pizza in Poznań.

CUCINA Restaurant
Wyspiańskiego 26A
60-748 Poznań


tel. +48 602 668 800

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