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Boutique Hotel HOT_elarnia**** (16 rooms)

HOT_elarnia**** is distinguished by its individual and well recognisable character. It is a place of unique architecture, created with great care for modern design. Bartosz Konieczny – the architect of both structures, joined the unconventional Polish traditions with innovative inspirations, creating an eclectic but at the same time coherent ensemble. 


The interiors of HOT_elarnia**** meet the eye with Fabio Novembre and Marcel Wanders New Design, and the rooms amaze with remarkable touches of Philippe Starck or Patricia Urquiola. Every one of the hotel’s choice of rooms charms with its colour, shape, individual arrangement as well as ideal space management.

Boutique Hotel HOT_elarnia**** (16 rooms)
ul. Morenowa 33
62-040 Puszczykowo


tel. +48 61 898 37 80

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