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Eighth Day Theater

Poznań’s alternative theater, established in 1964 as Studencki Teatr Poezji “Ósmego Dnia” (“Eighth Day” Student Poetry Theater). Over the years the troupe developed their own method of working on performances, whose essence is the perfected art of improvisation acting.

Since the 1970s “Ósemki” (“The Eights”) have been active as a professional theater. It has become one of the most important political theaters in Poland, and later also in the world. The never-ending conflict with the authorities of the Polish People’s Republic (PRL), ending in forced emigration, was the background to their artistic accomplishments in the 1970s and 80’s. Currently, Teatr Ósmego Dnia, apart from in-house performances, also organizes outdoor spectacles, aimed at a broader audience and invariably inspired by important social and political themes. 

Eighth Day Theater
ul. Ratajczaka 44
61-728 Poznań



tel. +48 61 855 20 86

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