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Stanisław Moniuszko Grand Theater

The existence of the opera scene in Poznań is the continuation of a rich tradition when Italian travelling theater troupes presented their comedies, pantomime and operas. In August of 1919, with the performance of “Halka” by Stanisław Moniuszko, whose name the opera house was given, the cultural activity of Teatr Wielki was inaugurated.

At the orders of the Prussian authorities, in 1910 the building of Teatr Miejski (City Theater), with the characteristic statue of Pegasus on its roof coping, was raised.


The repertoire of Poznań’s opera house, after it had been taken over by Polish authorities in 1919, covered works of Polish composers and 19th century Italian, French and German opera classics. After the break caused by the German occupation, in the fall of 1945 the Poznań opera house was the first cultural establishment in Poland to resume its artistic activities.


Many performances with high critical praise and excellent audience reception in and outside Poland appeared in the repertoire of Teatr Wielki. For the theater now is the time of new artistic challenges, including many co-productions with famous world opera stages.  The auditorium able to hold little under a thousand viewers, is often filled to the last seat during the performances. The current repertoire is available on Teatr Wielki’s website.

Additionally, a cycle of performances entitled “Opera kieszonkowa” (“Pocket Opera”) is presented on the new Wojciech Drabowicz chamber stage - it includes one-act plays as well as unfinished pieces or salon music. 

Stanisław Moniuszko Grand Theater
ul. Fredry 9
61-701 Poznań



tel. +48 61 65 90 280
tel. +48 61 65 90 229
fax 61 639 39 89

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