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Polish Theater

The oldest theater in Poznań, operating continually in its original building, established in 1875 during the Partitions. After the anti-Polish course in the Prussian authorities’ policy was significantly strengthened, all Polish language performances had been removed from the contemporary Teatr Miejski (City Theater). Stemming from the initiative of city natives and with their social contributions a theater came into being, and on its facade there a inscription was placed: “Naród Sobie” (“the nation for itself”). The theater was an essential part of the task of keeping the spirit of Polishness alive, being the only steady stage where performances were shown in Polish.

Teatr Polski (the Polish Theater) offers first performances of Polish and foreign plays, as well as modern takes on national and worlds literary classics. It presents small-cast performances of contemporary modern drama, and also dramatic readings as part of the “Nowe stulecie - nowe dramaty” (“New century - new dramas”) cycle. Currently Teatr Polski houses three stages - Duża Scena (the Big Stage), Malarnia and Galeria. The two smaller ones ensure close contact with the performers, whose emotions can be seen in large closeup.


In 2007 in Poznań, the first international repertory theater festival - European Theater Meetings “Close Strangers”  - was organized and opened by Teatr Polski. The theater is also the host of the “Metafory rzeczywistości” (“Metaphors of reality”) Polish drama competition. 

Polish Theater
ul. 27 Grudnia 8/10
61-737 Poznań



tel. +48 61 852 05 41 - rezerwacja biletów
tel. +48 61 852 56 28
tel. +48 61 852 56 28
fax 61 852 64 95

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